ADR has been programming cells and production lines, trialling virtual designs, integrating new products and peripheral equipment and realizing improvements for many different types of production processes for over 20 years.

Projects have been from new bespoke robotic cells and programs to new and old production lines involving standard program structures with strict requirements. Programs have been from robots that conform to a diverse architectural structure or Lean manufacturing production practice to one off designs and programming new standard structures. ADR has also updated older versions to conform to newer conventions.

Completed projects range from machine tending, palletising and de-palletising, spot welding, inspection/scanning/searching, MIG/MAG welding, and assembly cells or lines. Cells that employ a multimove or independent controller working in teams performing spot, MIG/MAG welding, inspection and more have been completed and commissioned.

Virtual trials have focused on the functional design, feasibility, cycle time, customer and functional requirement compliance, layout design and program structure. This in turn effectively highlights issues and indicates further development for the equipment manufacturer or end customer before commitments are undertaken. ADR has Project Engineered the majority of its projects and has Project Managed when requested.